Self-Help, Outreach & Consultation

Outreach and Consultation

Outreach and Consultation Services are aimed at achieving the following goals:

  • To promote a healthy campus environment and enhance the quality of life for all members of the campus community
  • To reach students with psychoeducational, learning skills, and career development programs who would not, or could not, otherwise receive help at the Student Counseling Service
  • To assist others (e.g., parents, faculty, staff, organizations, etc.) in preventing and/or dealing with the psychological problems of students
  • To make the Student Counseling Service more accessible for all students
  • To provide positive visibility and public relations for the Student Counseling Service

Services provided include:

  • Educational and Informational Presentations, Workshops, and Programs
  • Consultation to Faculty, Staff, and Organizations about student needs
  • QPR Gatekeeper Training

Virtual Library

The SCS Virtual Library contains both informations sheets concerning various academic- and career-related topics and lists of resources available in the Career Counseling & Testing Center as well as at the main campus library.