Client Parking

Clients who choose to drive to Student Services @ White Creek have the option of using one of ten "Aggie Pay Station" spaces located in Parking Area 122a adjacent to West Campus Blvd. Clients choosing the "Aggie Pay Station" spots may pay for timed parking at the kiosk located at the west end of the row.

All other parking around Student Services @ White Creek is clearly marked permit-only parking. If you park in a reserved space or a service parking space at any time, day or night, you may be towed without warning.

Please remember that we have no control over the tickets that you receive, and we cannot "fix" tickets, even if you are using the services of the SCS.

Aggie Pay Station kiosk

Disabled Parking

There are six spaces designated for disabled parking in Parking Area 122d at the east entrance to the Student Services @ White Creek complex, directly in front of Disability Services and the SSWC Conference Building 2. Additional disabled parking is available in Parking Area 122a and Parking Area 122b.

See more information about access for people with disabilities in our facilities.

Other Parking