Self Help-Decision Making

Decision Making

  1. Identify your interests, values, abilities, and personality.
  2. Generate a list of occupations that best fit these interests, values, abilities, and personality.
  3. Narrow your list to those occupations that you feel are worth further investigation.
  4. Talk with people actually employed in the occupations in which you are interested. Ask if it is possible to spend some work hours with those persons for an agreed-upon period of time. This will give you an idea of the day-to-day tasks of the occupations. Also, you can watch videos or read about your occupations of interest in the Career Counseling & Testing Center to give you an idea of the daily working life of someone in a particular occupation.
  5. Attempt to gain first-hand experience in work settings of interest through volunteer work, part-time or summer employment, internships, or cooperative education.
  6. Decide which career to pursue.
  7. Develop your academic degree plan with your advisor so that you are prepared to find a job in your chosen profession.


See also the TAMU Career Center