Self Help-Work Values

Work Values Checklist

Listed below are "work values" -- the aspects of a job that bring satisfaction. Read each item carefully and check the values that you consider important to you. After you have checked these items, go back and "double check" the three or fewer that you consider most important.

check markAchievement

Being able to set and reach goals.

check markAdvancement

Being promoted in predictable steps or moving directly to a higher-level job. Wanting to avoid a "dead end" job.

check markAdventure

Taking risks.

check markCompetence

Showing others what you're capable of.

check markCompetition

Competing with others.

check markCreativity and self-expression

Using your imagination to find new ways to do or say something or use artistic abilities.

check markFlexible work schedule

Choosing your hours of work.

check markHelping others

Providing direct services to people to help them solve problems or improve their well-being in some way.

check markHigh salary

Earning a large amount of money.

check markIndependence

Deciding for yourself what to do and how to do it.

check markIntellectual stimulation

Thinking and reasoning as a large part of your work.

check markLeadership

Directing, managing, or supervising the activities of others.

check markOutside work

Working out-of-doors.

check markPersuading

Convincing others to take certain action.

check markPhysical work

Being physically active in your work.

check markPower

Managing others.

check markPrestige

Having status and respect in the community.

check markPublic attention

Attracting public notice because of appearance or activity.

check markPublic contact

Having day-to-day dealings with the public.

check markRecognition

Being noticed by others in the work settings.

check markResearch work

Searching for and discovering new facts, developing ways to apply them.

check markRoutine work

Following established procedures requiring little change.

check markSeasonal work

Being employed only at certain times of the year.

check markSecurity

Working in a career that is not sensitive to recession, abrupt changes in technology, government spending, or public tastes. Avoiding seasonal ups and downs.

check markSpiritual Values

Having spiritual needs met in your work.

check markTravel

Taking frequent trips.

check markWork with children

Teaching or otherwise caring for children.

check markWork with machines or equipment

Using machines or equipment.

check markWorking with your hands

Using your hands or hand tools.