Masters-Level Internship

Masters-Level Internship Placement at the Student Counseling Service


Welcome to our Student Counseling Service Training Program website! I appreciate your interest in our masters-level internship and hope that the information provided through our website will be helpful in determining if this program is a good fit for you. Our center is very committed to the highest standards in training as well as to the ideals contained in our diversity statement.

We offer a year-long internship training experience in individual, personal counseling. The internship is a 22 hour per week commitment. The requirements of those 22 hours are outlined in the Internship Program Overview. Supervision is provided by senior staff who have been licensed for at least two years. All sessions are video recorded for review by supervisors. Additionally, masters-level interns may expect opportunities for live supervision from their supervisors. Masters-level interns have access to Student Counseling Service training resources such as our collection of videos and DVD's demonstrating different approaches to working with clients.

To apply to our masters-level internship program, please send a completed Application Form to:

Dr. Christina Ingram
Student Counseling Service
1263 TAMU
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-1263

In addition to the application form, please include the additional materials:

  1. Current vitae
  2. Current transcript
  3. Statement of interest - Please tell us about your interest in doing a practicum at the Student Counseling Service. Include sufficient detail so we may come to know you better and your understanding of how a practicum at our site fits into your future goals. Please limit your response to two pages.
  4. Letter of readiness - Please include a letter from someone who has directly supervised your work with clients. This letter should address progress in your program, your current level of skill, openness to supervision, and areas for growth. Anything else that may help us better know you can also be included.


  • The deadline for turning in your completed application packet for admission to the 2019-2020 masters-level internship program is: Friday, March 22, 2019.
  • Interviews for the 2019-2020 masters-level internship will be conducted: the week of April 1-5, 2019.
  • Decisions about acceptance to the 2019-2020 masters-level internship will be made by: Monday, April 8, 2019.
  • ***Although these are the deadlines beyond which no more applications will be accepted, students may submit application earlier.



The interview will include questions related to your application packet, previous experience and expectations of the internship experience at the Student Counseling Service. We will also ask you to review a brief vignette and provide a case conceptualization and initial thoughts on treatment strategies. Our interest is in obtaining some understanding of your conceptualization skills and reasoning skills in approaching your work with clients.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this application process, please let me know. Again, I appreciate your interest in our masters-level internship training program and look forward to receiving your application packet should you feel that this would be a good fit for you.

Best, Christina Ingram, Ph.D. Practicum Training Program Coordinator