Meet the Staff

Get to know our staff:  Each staff member has written a little bit about what they do here at SCS as well as in their personal life. These entries include an email address and a link to other contact information.

SCS Staff

Direct Service Staff

Kari Keller Becker Assistant Director
Lanice Bennett Assistant Director
Megan Bond Professional Counselor I
Danielle Broxon Psychologist I
Iris Carrillo Psychologist II
Robert Carter Psychologist IV
Mary Ann Covey Director
Lauren Craig Psychologist I
Megan Culpepper Professional Counselor II
Kristie De La Garza Professional Counselor III
James Deegear Associate Director
M. Elizabeth Eaton Professional Counselor II
Nathan Ellison Professional Counselor I
Angel Glover Psychologist I
Jason Hindman Assistant Director, Training
Christina Ingram Psychologist II
Ambika Kasbekar Professional Counselor I
Brian Kaspar Professional Counselor IV
Carrie Klemt Psychologist I
Connie Langellier Associate Director
J.C. Gisela Lin Psychologist IV
Michelle Morris Professional Counselor I
Ryan Pittsinger Psychologist I
Danielle Pompili Professional Counselor II
Ana Popovska Psychologist I
Jarett Reynolds Professional Counselor I
Michelle Robichaux Professional Counselor I
Kathy Roblyer Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Abbie Satterfield Professional Counselor II
Santana Simple Professional Counselor I
Bethany Smith Assistant Director
Tammie Smith Professional Counselor I
Benjamin Spear Psychologist I
Michelle Thomas Professional Counselor IV
Esther Wright Psychologist IV
Warren Wright Professional Counselor I

Psychology Interns

Case Referral Coordinator

  • Jarett Reynolds

Practicum Counselors



Ancillary Staff

Travis Batson Assistant Director
Monica Colson Administrative Associate IV
Hannah Kovar Administrative Associate II  
Jerri McSloy Senior Administrative Coordinator I  
Ashley Ramirez Customer Service Associate II
Amy Rucker Business Administrator I
Miles Rucker Administrative Associate II
Susan Vavra Counseling & Development Specialist IV & Adjunct Supervisor
GeNae Welch Administrative Associate IV
Jaelyn Wicks IT Professional I
Andrea Wiggins Customer Service Associate III


Student Workers

  • Wyatt Beason
  • Terrell Jones