Phone Service Outage

The SCS is currently experiencing a telephone outage.  If you are in need of our services, please come to our location at White Creek and we will be happy to assist you.  Our office will be open until 5pm today (May 6) and then will reopen at 8am on Monday (May 9.)  If you need immediate emergency help, please call 911 or 9-911 if using a campus telephone.  We are working on the problem and hope to have it resolved soon.

Student Counseling Service at White Creek

Student Counseling Service Modular Buildings Student Counseling Service is located at Student Services @ White Creek.  You can quickly and easily reach us using on-campus Bus Route 03 ("Yell Practice.")

We are located with other student services in a group of modular buildings across West Campus Boulevard from the White Creek Apartments.

If you are interested in counseling, psychiatric, crisis, or any other of our services, please come see us.  We are here and ready to assist the students of Texas A&M University.

Want to talk to a counselor?

We talk with students in crisis, urgent, and routine situations.  The best method for connecting with a counselor depends on your situation.

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Register for Services
Students currently enrolled at Texas A&M University who have paid the University Advancement Fee are eligible for an initial consultation appointment.  There is no additional charge for services, and there is a $25 fee for no-show/late cancellation.